Requirements for a Service Dog

Learn More About Getting a Service Dog

Please read through the entire article BEFORE completing your application. It will prepare you for what life is like with a Service Dog. After reading through, you may choose to reconsider your request. That’s ok. There may be other opportunities for you to help Big Paws Canine.

If you choose to continue, please complete the application. You will then be contacted to set up a phone interview to assess your needs. You will also be asked to participate in training sessions with other dogs and attend fundraising events to learn more about the process and what Big Paws Canine is all about. We also get to know you a little more in the meantime.

The entire process can take up to 3 months based on the coordination of your schedule with the schedules of our Volunteers. Please be patient. You will be contacted. Thanks in advance for your time and understanding!

Apply to for a Service Dog

If you have read the above requirements and fully understand what it takes to HAVE A SERVICE DOG, please proceed. Thank you.