Make a Difference Today!

It can cost up to and over $5000 to train a service dog. There are numerous veterans and first responders that need the assistance of a service dog. The entire organization is run by volunteers and no one has a salary. We appreciate your generosity and will take great care in making sure your donation helps those who have given so much.

Every donation helps! The approximate Minimum Cost of a Service Dog is:

Initial Series of Puppy Vaccinations
Spaying/Neutering Cost
Kennel for Crate Training
Initial Leash and Harness
Additional Leash and Harness after growth spurt
Adoption Fee/Donation to Shelter (if applicable)
Nylabone Chew Toys (at least 2 toys, maybe more)
Food for 12 months ($40 per month for 1 bag)
Annual Well Puppy Visits to the Vet
Local License & Registration Fees
Periodic Grooming as needed
Initial 6 week
Puppy Training
Basic Training
Intermediate Training
Advanced Training
Service Dog Task Training
$5,000-$15,000 depending

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