Name: Boy’s Name

Date of Birth:  August 5, 2014

Breed Info: Female Boxer

Location: Donated by a breeder in Pinion Hills, CA | Lives in Sioux Falls, SD

Her Story

Whiskey is the daughter of Cassey and Frankie and looks exactly like her daddy. She was named not only for her coloring, but the fact that she walks sideways like she’s had a wee too much to drink!

At only 10 weeks, Whiskey learned quickly from her step-brothers, Boom, Diesel and Nitro. She learned “no” very quickly and is getting the basics of “sit”, “stay”, and “here” down pat.

Whiskey is a high energy puppy and like most Boxers, will maintain that level of activity into maturity. It will take a special Veteran/Recipient to keep her active by learning new tasks every day, which also helps keep a puppy out of trouble.

Whiskey was relocated from Southern California to South Dakota at the end of 2015. At 6 months, she learned quickly from Artie and the others how to open doors, pick up items and seek out specific things for retrieval. She is a very smart girl, but still a very energetic puppy.

We are working to keep her enthusiasm to please, but toning it down a little to allow her to focus on the tasks at hand.

Puppy Paw Print

We hope this dog’s story has inspired you. If so, please make a donation and help her and other service dogs get the training they need to be a companion for our veterans!

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