Name: Moto

Date of Birth:  January 18, 2012

Breed Info: Male Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Location: Jordan Odens in Dimock, SD

His Story

Moto is from a litter of 11 puppies. The minute he was able to eat solids he and his brothers and sisters made a trip to Crooks South Dakota. Our older dog Sport, was the one that picked him out of the group of chubby little males, hence his name Moto Sport’s. So at 39 days old, Moto began his Service Dog training with his first command “Under”, beings all he did was sleep under my desk at my feet all day long. Moto has training from several different organizations from three different states. Moto’s specialty is Mobility, but also assists with detecting my anxiety attacks, and visual impairments.

My limited mobility, anxiety, and visual impairments come from complications of diabetes over the years. With multiple transplants and countless surgeries, October 2011 I finally threw in the towel and left work related to my disabilities. I was determined I was going to train my own service dog; I would either have a really expensive pet or a inexpensive Service Dog. Moto is my Super hero “Moto Man”. Our training, research, studying, countless classes and did I mention training, paid off. Other than balance, Moto is able to pick up a dime, open doors, get me a soda, or part a crowed while walking.

Moto and I began instructing Task Training with the South Dakota’s White Team in late October of 2013. As a volunteer for Big Paws Canine, our learning and participation has proven to be very interesting and rewarding. Being able to see the looks on both Service Dog and Handler when a canine realizes the tasks principles and does it to please, instead of just being another drill, is totally amazing. When they get it, all they want to do is repeat, repeat and repeat for that love and treats.

Puppy Paw Print

We hope this dog’s story has inspired you. If so, please make a donation and help him and other service dogs get the training they need to be a companion for our veterans!

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