Jato Pooter

Name: Jato Pooter

Date of Birth:  August 22, 2014

Breed Info: Male Yellow Labrador Retriever

Location: Bred by High River Labs in Tehachapi, CA; Jet Assisted Take Off

His Story

Jato is a special needs dog, who at 8 weeks was only 3 pounds. High River Labs nursed him back to health 3 times in that first 8 weeks, thinking he may not make it. But Jato is a fighter!

Jato is the brother of Sam and the Son of High Rivers Rugels Point and High Rivers Fall Snow on Shasta. Mom and Dad are certified hunting and sporting dogs. Many dogs from High River Labs enjoy lives as upland hunters as well as traditional retrievers for waterfowl. High River Labs raise dogs with unparalleled pedigree lines. They share the same passion as Big Paws Canine to place the dogs with good families, as we both believe that it is about the dog first.

High River Labs agreed to provide Jato to Big Paws Canine due to the personalized attention given to each individual dog. Otherwise, Jato would have stayed with High River Labs. Big Paws Canine will make sure that Jato has the extra special care he needs to grow big and strong like his step-brothers, Boom, Diesel and Nitro. He won’t be 80 pounds like them, but we hope he will be close to his Mom and Dad at about 50 to 60 pounds.

Puppy Paw Print

We hope this dog’s story has inspired you. If so, please make a donation and help him and other service dogs get the training they need to be a companion for our veterans!

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