Name: Diesel

Date of Birth:  August 3, 2009

Breed Info: Male Labrador Retriever

Location: Chino, CA from Oakridge Labrador Breeders

His Story

Diesel came from the same blood line as Nitro and it was quickly evident that he had the same traits to become a terrific Service Dog. Diesel has since become the face of Big Paws after the retirement of Nitro from public life.

In August of 2011, Steve suffered a traumatic knee injury while on duty. While home nursing his injury, Steve noticed Diesel continued to try and lick his knee. Steve started working with Diesel and found it to be therapeutic as Diesel only wanted to please. Steve and Mary brought their group together in February of 2012 and started the framework for Big Paws Canine Foundation.

Today, Big Paws Canine has grown with sponsorship and assistance from Bass Pro Shops and Lowes Home Improvement, as well as additional companies from San Diego to Long Beach and the Inland Empire in Southern California all the way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Diesel is a fun loving member of the family at home, but as soon as his service vest is on, Diesel becomes a different Dog. Diesel takes his service to Steve serious. Diesel works well on or off lead and even will take point to clear the area for Steve to walk with his cane and leg brace. Diesel will pull shopping carts for Steve and gives Steve the ability to get out in public with the security of Diesel’s assistance.

Diesel has trained many Service Dogs and continues to work with Steve in public at speaking engagements and fund raising events to help communities understand what a Service Dog does and what they help our heroes with each day.


Puppy Paw Print
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